Youth Confirmation

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All Good Shepherd youth in grades 7 and up are eligible to begin preparation for Confirmation. Teens who desire to receive this sacrament must have already received Baptism and First Holy Communion in the Catholic Church. If your teen has not yet received these sacraments but would like to be confirmed, please contact the parish office so that we can talk through the initiation process.  

This year, we will be continuing with the Purpose Confirmation curriculum from LifeTeen. The program is focused on small groups led by parishioners with a heart for ministering to our teens, while seeking to answer life’s biggest questions, including: Why believe in God? Why believe Jesus is Lord and Savior? Why be a part of the Catholic Church?   Our process begins in 7th grade and students are Confirmed during their 8th grade year (or year 2 of the Confirmation process). The exact date of Confirmation is determined by the Archdiocese, typically we are aware of the date by July. 

If you have any questions about registration, please contact faithformation@goodshepherdgv.org or 763-544-0416 ext. 857. 

Q & A for Confirmation and Schedule 2023-2024

Click Here for Youth Confirmation Registration Fall 2023 - YEAR 1