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Even in pandemic, copyright and fair use laws still apply, experts say

The COVID-19 outbreak has prompted parishes worldwide to livestream Masses, produce podcasts and upload worship videos. But even in a pandemic, copyright and fair use laws still apply, experts say.

When a south Minneapolis family feared their safety, they sought refuge at parish rectory

“It’s not OK police did that,” Ponce-Sanchez said of Floyd’s death. “That wasn’t the right thing to do. He was begging for breathing. (Chauvin) should have listened. Policemen are meant to save lives.”

Economy in recession? Depression? A blip? All of the above — or none?

Since the coronavirus pandemic was declared in March, not everybody's job has been relocated to their dining room table.

Maryland county withdraws restriction that would have curtailed Eucharist

Regulations for the reopening of religious institutions developed by a Maryland county that seemed to disallow the distribution of holy Communion were withdrawn after church leaders voiced opposition.

Vatican official says anti-religious bias was evident during lockdown

As people spent more time online during the coronavirus lockdown, negative remarks and even the incitement of hatred based on national, cultural or religious identity increased, a Vatican representative said.

St. Peter Claver live-streaming prayer service for justice, peace 7 p.m. May 29

In a note to parishioners, Father Rutten said that the parish’s campus is OK, but the surrounding area “was hit pretty hard by vandals and looters.” “My clothes still smell of smoke,” he wrote.

For Deacon Barnes, priesthood ‘just made sense’

Deacon Austin Barnes, 26, vividly remembers his first time as an altar server, as a fourth grader at Holy Trinity in South St. Paul. For one, none of the other servers showed up. And a visiting priest was saying Mass.

Vocation confirmation came during Lourdes pilgrimage

Deacon Nathan Hastings hadn’t really thought about the priesthood growing up. “It wasn’t on my radar at all,” he said. He planned to become an engineer and get married.

For Deacon Hedman, playing Mass leads to praying Mass

The wish of Deacon Paul Hedman’s great-grandmother is about to come true.

Deacon Forner gently nudged along path to ‘spiritual fatherhood’

On a retreat in Italy during his junior year in college, Deacon Clayton Forner was sitting in a chapel with an assignment: meditate on the Nativity. He was trying to place himself in the scene, imagining what he would see, smell, hear. And as prayed, he found himself viewing the scene through the eyes of Joseph — witnessing Jesus’ birth, wiping the infant with a towel and gazing upon him.