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MCC executive director Adkins reflects on 10 years of service, with more to come

Reflecting on his 10 years and counting as executive director and general counsel of the Minnesota Catholic Conference, Jason Adkins recalled his initial vision: education, communication and mobilization.

Dentist integrates faith into his life and work

James Koller, a dentist practicing in North St. Paul, recalled being moved by lay presenters at a Cursillo retreat about 25 years ago as they described integrating prayer and their daily lives. “I really was struck by a police officer who said the moment he turns on his siren, he started praying for the people who were at the other end of that call he was going to,” he said. “And I was just like, ‘wow.’”

St. Joseph: no contemporary superhero, but ‘savior of the Savior’

We live in the culture of the superhero, “the Marvel comic savior,” said Deacon Joe Michalak. Referencing movie superheroes such as the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain Marvel and Black Widow, he said they are always saving the world and humanity in flamboyant, futuristic ways.

House’s refusal to include Hyde in spending bills is called an ‘injustice’

The refusal by the U.S. House to include the Hyde Amendment and other pro-life riders in appropriations bills before lawmakers passed the measures is an "injustice" that overshadows the provisions that help "vulnerable people," said the chairmen of two U.S. bishops' committees.

Efforts to amend House appropriations bills with pro-life riders fail

As he offered three amendments to the State Department appropriations bill before the House July 28, U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., asked his House colleagues in remarks from the floor, "Where is the justice and empathy and compassion for unborn babies?"

More pre-COVID liturgical practices resume in archdiocese; caution urged with Delta variant

Baptismal fonts and holy water stoups in Catholic churches can be filled again in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, and as COVID-19 vaccinations continue to take hold, distribution of Communion from a common chalice can resume.

While space tourism needs regulations, a Jesuit astronomer is ready to go

With private companies planning to expand their offerings in orbital and suborbital space tourism and more and more civilians already shooting into space, one Jesuit astronomer said if he were ever offered the possibility, he would go.

Pro-life advocates hope new flag becomes unifying symbol of movement

The rainbow flag is an instantly recognized symbol of the LGBTQ movement, just as the Thin Blue Line flag is synonymous with support for law enforcement.

Digital Edition – July 29, 2021

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Rain, rain, reign: Bread of life, food of wonder and awe

St. Augustine, commenting on the Gospel of John’s “Bread of Life” passage in the fourth century, questioned the wisdom of living only for this present life when he wrote, “You seek me for the flesh, not for the spirit. How many seek Jesus for no other purpose than that he may do them good in this present life! ... Scarcely ever is Jesus sought for Jesus’ sake.” From the time of Moses in the desert, to Jesus in Capernaum, to our own day in a time of pandemic, do we live with our sights set on this world, or upon the Lord who has given us himself as the true Bread that has come down from heaven?