The ordinary place where most Catholics are formed in their faith is in the parish setting. It is a primary goal and mission of Good Shepherd to offer excellent and informative adult and child/youth faith formation so that we can become better disciples of our Lord Jesus and more faithful Catholics. Good Shepherd offers a family based model for religious education, first sacraments preparation, and confirmation preparation during the school year. Questions? Contact Alex Erickson in the parish office: (763) 544-0416, ext. 857.

Good Shepherd also provides for the faith formation needs of our adults. This happens in a variety of ways, including multiple-week programs (bible and catechism studies, prayer workshops), one-time programs (funeral planning session, end-of-life topics, music and liturgy conversations), seasonal mornings of reflection, and even the opportunity to discuss matters of faith over coffee or beer.

Whether you are a parent who wishes to form your child in the faith or an adult who seeks to learn more about the rich treasure that is the Catholic faith, come and join us at Good Shepherd as we seek to follow Jesus Christ!