Discipleship Small Groups


To follow Jesus requires a commitment to lifelong learning and growth. Like Jesus’ disciples, our walk with the Lord today is not one lived in isolation but rather one immersed in community and enriched by authentic friendship with others. No matter where you group meets, at home or at the parish, Discipleship Small Groups (DSG) provide a place of deep transformation where adults can be known, loved, and cared for as they strive to deepen their friendship with Jesus and one another.

Discipleship Small Groups (DSG) will follow the Lenten Sunday Readings and will meet weekly for around an hour and a half. Please indicate which potential DSG’s you may be interested in and when you are available to meet. DSG’s will be formed and organized during the month of February and will begin the week of Ash Wednesday (March 2).  Each group will formalize their official start and end dates. We anticipate 6-10 members per group.

Registration is now closed. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Katie Schaitberger at the parish office. 

Questions can be directed to Katie Schaitberger, [email protected] or 763-544-0416 x856