Boldly Forward in Faith

Boldly Forward in Faith Prayer


The Project

Nearly three years ago, our church and school leaders began evaluating our buildings and grounds. With the help of some local professionals, we gathered information from you, assessed our physical plant, and created a master plan for this place. After incorporating your feedback and conducting a feasibility study, we prepared to turn our ideas into reality. We were days away from unveiling the first phase of our plans when the pandemic shut everything down.

Well, we’re back. For the last six months, we’ve been revisiting, reassessing, and revising our plans. We tweaked a few things and added some others. And now, we’re ready for the next step. And I am super excited about it. When I look at our plans and imagine what life at Good Shepherd will be like when everything is complete, I can’t wait to get there. It’s going to be awesome.

So, what are we doing? We’re moving boldly into our next phase as a church and school. The plans we’ve assembled will help us better minister to our people, create an environment that is more welcoming and accessible, and foster the community and spiritual life of the people who walk through our doors.

Stepping boldly forward in faith is what a community like ours requires. It’s part of our heritage. We are able to have families in our pews and students in our classrooms because of the generosity and sacrifices of people starting 75 years ago, when our first parishioners gathered for Mass at the Boulevard Café. They pulled together to secure our property, build our church and school, and expand through the decades.

Now, it’s our turn. Now is our time to help Good Shepherd move boldly into the next 75 years. I’m grateful that we’re here now and that we have this opportunity. And I am confident because of what I see happening at Good Shepherd. We are flourishing in many ways. We plan to be here for a long time.

Please take a look at our campaign document, which has been mailed to our church and school families. Hard copies are avialable upon request.

We’re asking for your support. We’re asking for your generosity. We’re asking for your sacrifices. We’re asking you to help ensure future generations will find as much joy in the Good Shepherd of tomorrow as we do today.

Please pray that the Good Shepherd will bless our efforts and help us to build on the strong foundation of the place we call home.

Be of good cheer,
Father Marquard