Boldly Forward in Faith





Our Boldly Forward in Faith capital campaign has been successful in many ways. Our Commitment Weekend saw an increase of more than 80 new donors, proving that our parishioners, school families, and visitors are up to the challenge of addressing as many of our identified needs as possible.

In December, one of our generous donors was so interested in encouraging our people to support the effort that she issued a matching challenge to kick off Commitment Weekend. She committed to double every new gift up to $100,000. Once again, as our people have done for more than 75 years, we responded to the challenge with sacrifice, generosity, and joy. Due to your continued stewardship, Good Shepherd has now secured this $100,000 match and much more!

To date, more than 250 parishioners, school families, and visitors have pledged more than $2.9 million to address as many of our church, parish center, and school facility needs as possible. We are so grateful to those families who have given so generously to this campaign. The Public Invitation Phase of the effort has been a tremendous accomplishment. Each gift, each pledge, each display of sacrifice, continues to prepare us for future generations of parishioners and the future saints in our school.

As we celebrate Christmas and head into the New Year, we rejoice and give thanks to God for your continued investment in Good Shepherd, our mission, and our ministries. Your support is a blessing to me, our staff, and our people – and it is an example of what we can accomplish when we cooperate with the Lord and one another.

If you have yet to join our cause, or if you would like to increase your gift, I invite you to make your commitment today by clicking here.