Altar Server

Altar serving at Good Shepherd is open to parish and school youth in Grade 4 and older (even adults!).

Any questions regarding the server training should be sent to Fr. Ben Wittnebel.

Serving at the altar provides parish youth with the opportunity to contribute to the reverent celebration of Mass and to develop their own capacities in a safe and affirming environment.

  • This experience will form your children in order, care, and poise.
  • Serving teaches them to be responsible and punctual, and they learn to serve others generously and execute small details with care.
  • They begin to acquire a good sense of closeness to God and commitment to the Holy Mass.
  • Being an altar server fosters companionship among the children.
  • They learn to share and distribute tasks, and the older servers teach and guide the younger servers.
  • Serving at the altar also provides youth with an opportunity to collaborate with parishioners of different ages, to become comfortable in a public role, and to better discern their vocation.
  • It requires a minimal time commitment and the benefit for both the servers and the parish far outweigh that cost.