Adult Formation

Check out our Adult Formation Programs.

Drinking With The Saints - Inspired by Michael Foley's book 'Drinking With The Saints' this is an evening talking Saints and enjoying themed cocktails, beer, and wine.

Pint With The Pastor - Enjoy a pint with our Pastor in this relaxed environment, there is usually a faith topic for discussion within our gathering.

Women's Small Group Ministry (Beginning TBD)- Join a group of 5-7 women of the parish for faith sharing, accountability and discussing the Sunday Mass readings. If you are interested in joining or facilitating a group of women please fill out this form, or email Alex Schindler at [email protected]

Exodus 90 Men's Ministry (Beginning January 2021) - We are calling the men of Good Shepherd to make an intentional decision to grow in holiness and virtue by participating in Exodus 90. Exodus 90 is a 90-day spiritual exercise that provides men with a path to freedom through prayer, asceticism, and fraternity. The program emerged as a response to a profound need for renewal in the Church, especially among men. It aims to help men overcome the obstacles that prevent us from hearing and answering the Lord with haste and joy: overworking, spending too much time on screens and consuming media, eating too much, drinking too much, using pornography, and selfishly clinging to time and preference and pleasure.

The world needs good men, virtuous men, men who live like saints, men who live for Christ, men who are free to love well. Our wives need men like this. Our children need men like this. Our parents need men like this. Our Church needs men like this. So, men, let’s get after it. Exodus 90 begins on Monday, January 4. Please prayerfully consider being part of it.

Looking for more info, check out this bulletin or you can view Father Marquard's homily about Exodus 90 here.

We will host a virtual informational meeting on Friday, December 18, at 6:30 p.m. The link for that is forthcoming.