Virtus Training/Volunteer Opportunities

VIRTUS Training

What's the deal with VIRTUS? All volunteers working with our youth or vulnerable adults must complete Virtus Training - Essential 3 for Adults. This includes attending a 3-hour class (awareness session organized around two videos and pertinent discussion questions), background check (through McDowell Agency) - completed prior to beginning of service & code of conduct, completed prior to beginning service. In 2015, The Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis updated requirements to include an online update every three years after your initial approval. This means all volunteers who attended a class prior to June 30, 2014 and did not do a video update in the last year, now need to update. Re-credentialing every 3 years (safe environment retraining, background recheck, sign Code).

How do I know if I am up to date? 1. Login to your account at, look under the training tab for your original training date. 2. If you don't know or remember your username, or want to join our team of volunteers, you need to contact Angela Lee for volunteering at Good Shepherd School, [email protected] or Renee Hamilton, [email protected] to volunteer at Good Shepherd Church. 


Time and Talent Ministries

Stewardship is giving our time, talent and treasure back to the Lord. It involves our responsibility and opportunity to utilize our God-given talents to help others. Volunteers are the heart of our parish; helping others is what we do as Catholic Christian Community. We need to maintain and build on those ministries which have been an important part of our 50+ year history. We should rejoice in what we do as a church and school and remain involved in new and needed community stewardship opportunities.

We gather in church as Catholics because we believe in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As Christians we give back to others to reflect God's love. What have we given recently of ourselves in the image of Jesus Christ to help others who are less fortunate? By taking the first step, though it may seem small, we will be answering our Christian call to help and to be of service to one another.

We have separated the Good Shepherd ministries and volunteer opportunities into several areas. Note that the people listed as contacts are Good Shepherd parishioners just like you. They are eager to speak with you and give more information about the ministry they represent and how to get involved. These contacts are volunteers of your Good Shepherd church community who are giving of themselves for the benefit of others. Give them a call. Of course, you are always welcome to contact the Parish Office at 763-544-0416.


Christian Development

Adult Enrichment

The aim of the Adult Education at Good Shepherd Church is to spread the Gospel through programs that educate and encourage adults through Bible, and faith sharing studies, so that each individual will come to know and love God and want to share this love with other. To assist in this ministry or to learn more, please contact the Parish Office.


Service Ministry
Altar Robe Cleaning

Collect, wash, iron, replace servers’ robes. During two different months throughout the year, a team of two is assigned the task of keeping our Altar Servers robes clean. Questions or to volunteer, please contact Renee Hamilton, 763-544-0416, ext. 810.


Funeral Food Donators

Parishioners who are willing to donate salads and desserts on a rotating basis for our funeral luncheons as a way of maintaining the low cost of these luncheons for our fellow parishioners. If you would like to be added to this list, please contact Renee Hamilton at 763-544-0416, ext. 810 or at [email protected].


Funeral Lunches

Set tables, make coffee, serve lunch, clean-up dishes. Coordinators are Maureen Blake – 952-546-4803, Olga Diachuk – 763-546-7203, Betty Spartz - 763-545-5702 and Mary Ann Tellers – 952-544-6907.


Money Counters

Money counters verify the amount of contributions marked on each individual envelope and document each Mass collection total on a balance sheet. Their volunteer time is on Sunday, usually after the 8:30 a.m. Mass until approximately 12:00 p.m. or until all the collections are finished. The coordinator for the money counters is Mark Joerger, 763-544-0416, ext. 818.


Sacristy & Church Cleaning

God’s house needs cleaning too! Every Friday of the month, at 8:00 a.m., there are opportunities to use the skills we often use every day: vacuum, dust, arrange books, etc. The sanctuary, parents’ room, reconciliation room, and choir loft are all the areas to be cleaned. Please contact the Parish Office at 763-544-0416, ext. 810 if you are interested in helping with the church cleaning on a rotating basis. 


Vestment Care

Washing and ironing the Pastor’s albs. The coordinator is Kathy Hanson.


Vigil Lights

Replace the vigil lights in the church before or after the Saturday/Sunday/Weekday Masses. This is done on a rotating schedule. Please contact Mary Ann Tellers, 952-544-6907 if you are available in helping in this very important service ministry.


Social Activities

Bake Sales

At Good Shepherd our wonderful bake sales are held twice a year, just prior to Christmas and Easter. Help is always needed to bake, package, price and sell the baked goods. The Bake Sale coordinator is Kathy Stromseth, 952-926-9436. please contact Kathy if you are available to help.


Coffee Weekends

Be a part of a group of volunteer ministers who serve hospitality treats and beverages following the weekend masses once a month. Instruction provided. Please contact Renee Hamilton, 763-544-0416 if you are able to help.


Good Shepherd Gala

The Good Shepherd Gala is a celebration and one of the main fundraisers that benefits Good Shepherd School. The Gala consists of Live & Silent Auctions, and a Dinner & Dance.  For information or to help, watch for upcoming announcements in the bulletin.


Lenten Soup Suppers

Good Shepherd Church traditionally offers soup suppers on various Friday evenings of Lent beginning at 6:00 p.m., with the Stations of the Cross following at 7:00 p.m. The suppers are a simple meal of bread, soup and salad. The soup suppers are sponsored and served by various groups of the parish. Please consult the Lenten bulletins for the dates and times.


Parish Picnic

This event began in 1996 as part of our Parish’s 50th anniversary celebration. It was, and continues to be, hosted by our Church. This event is a way to give back to parishioners, and show appreciation for the wonderful parish life we share at Good Shepherd. The Parish Picnic is held at Brookview Park in Golden Valley. The 2016 Parish Picnic was  held on Sunday, August 14, 2016.


Santa Breakfast & Workshop

The Santa Breakfast occurs during the first weekend of December. It is a wonderful holiday event that helps bring the spirit of Christmas into the Good Shepherd Community. Not only is there a breakfast, but there is also “Santa’s Workshop” where people are invited to come and shop for gifts for the whole family. The gifts are very reasonably priced, and there are plenty of Santa’s helpers around to help the little ones do their Christmas shopping for Mom and Dad. Santa himself even makes an appearance, and kids can get their pictures taken with him as well. Volunteers are always needed. Please contact Holly Kangas, 952-920-7321 if you are able to help.

Senior Activities

There are a variety of activities geared for seniors. Some, such as card playing and Bible Study are offered on a regular schedule. Also, seniors are invited to come and join the Tuesday Morning Hospitality after the morning Mass at 8:00 a.m. 


Spring Salad Luncheon

The spring luncheon is a wonderful way for women and their female friends to join for fun and fellowship. Coordinators/Volunteers are always needed. Please contact Renee Hamilton, 763-544-0416 if you are able to help.


Turkey Bingo

Our annual Turkey Bingo is scheduled for the Sunday evening before Thanksgiving in the gym. There is refreshments and fun for the whole family. Come and try your luck at winning your Thanksgiving turkey! Help is always needed to pop popcorn, sell pop & bingo cards and check for winners. Please watch the bulletin for announcements and if you would like to help, please contact Warren Potter & Flora Marano-Potter at 763-545-4430.


Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee is a group of parishioners who contact and greet new parishioners when they become members of the parish. The Welcome Committee invites the new parishioners to Donut Sundays etc., and continues to make contact with parishioners to make sure their parish needs are met. Please contact Janel Carr, 763-525-8624 or Sharon Ingalls, 952-545-8043 if you are interested in joining the Parish Welcome Committee.

If you planted hope today
In any hopeless heart
If someone's burden was lighter
Because you did your part,
If you caused a laugh
That chased some tears away
If tonight your is name is named
When someone kneels to pray
Then your day has been well spent.
- Author Unknown